Parent Partners Plus partners with trusted, established nonprofit and advocacy organizations to help give your child his or her best possible chance at a happy, healthy future. If you have questions, concerns or needs as far as breastfeeding, fighting postpartum depression, child-rearing or otherwise transitioning into life as a parent, our representatives can connect you with critical resources offered by the following alliance members:

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Early Head Start offers both a Home-Based program, and a Center-Based program, each program incorporates an individualized approach to high-quality services for low-income pregnant women and children under age three.  Pregnant teens, parenting teens, and their children receive support and guidance from Early Head Start staff to become self sufficient.  Early Head Start has activities that include but are not limited to weekly home visits; child development education; comprehensive prenatal and postpartum health care; breastfeeding education; active learning experiences; twice a month socialization events for the Home-Based children and families; parenting guidance and education; services for special needs children, and assistance accessing community resources to help both the children and their families with any concerns.


Fussy Baby Program is an extension of the Birth to Five Helpline. It provides home visitation in Maricopa County for parents with babies they regard as difficult to comfort and or may have feeding and sleeping difficulties. For families living outside of the Maricopa boundaries we provide extensive phone support. The Fussy Baby program is an affiliate of the Fussy Baby Network. The program was created and developed by Linda Gilkerson at the Erikson Institute in Chicago. The Fussy Baby specialist works as part of an interdisciplinary team to provide brief, short term and longer term services to families of infants with feeding, sleeping and crying concerns. The Fussy Baby program approach seeks to match interventions to parent’s needs in the moment to increase safety, decrease anxiety and release parental capacity. Services are offered in English and Spanish.


Health Start is a community based, evidence informed, voluntary home visiting program that identifies, screens, and enrolls pregnant and postpartum women and families with children up to age two. The Program assists them with obtaining early and consistent prenatal care and a medical home, provides prenatal and postpartum education, information and referral services, advocacy, and case management.  The Program utilizes community health workers, community health nurses and behavioral health professionals to provide education, support and advocacy services to pregnant and postpartum women and their families in targeted communities across Arizona.  Women and families enrolled in the program receive home visits by community health workers up to 4 times per month during their pregnancy and regular visits after the birth of their children up to two years of age. Program services include:  childbirth education, car seat safety education, infant massage education, doula services (at specific sites only), Ages and Stages developmental screening, relationship and depression screening, Healthy @ Home Assessments, and information on many other health education topics and classes for clients and their families. The program promotes male/father and family involvement in home visiting services and classes when appropriate.

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Healthy Families Arizona is a community-based, family-centered, comprehensive, voluntary home visitation program serving prenatal families and families with newborns through age five. Services are focused primarily on the promotion of child health and development, enhancement of parent-child relationships, improvement in family self-sufficiency, and pediatric literacy and school readiness through parent education and support in the homes of new parents. Program services are designed to strengthen families during the first five years of a child’s life when vital early brain development occurs. Intensity of services is based on each family’s needs, beginning weekly and moving gradually to quarterly home visits as families become more self-sufficient.  The program is offered to at-risk families who are expecting a new baby or have a newborn less than 90 days old; the services can continue for up to five years after the child’s birth. 

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South Phoenix Healthy Starts’ vision is that more babies will be born healthy as a result of early and easy access to high quality, comprehensive prenatal care and the existence of a network of support for their communities’ pregnant women and their families. Their hope is to help families with children from birth and before to build a strong foundation to life and to empower parents to be the best they can be.  Healthy Start is committed to supporting families until the child turns the age of two by providing the following services: finding a doctor and insurance, home-based prenatal/post partum and parenting support, educational activities, well women information, nutrition and healthy weight, family planning referrals, doula services, fatherhood programs, educational classes/workshops and community events. Families are eligible to participate if they are expecting a baby or have a child under age 2.


Newborn Intensive Care Program provides in-home community health nursing services to assist families of premature newborns. Any baby who spent at least five days in a Level II or Level III Nursery qualifies to have home visits from a community health nurse or nursing support specialist through the Newborn Intensive Care Program (NICP).

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Nurse-Family Partnership is a program for women pregnant with their first baby beginning before 28 weeks gestation.  The program sends a registered nurse to visit the mother throughout the pregnancy and continues visits until the baby is two years old.  The nurse will assist the first-time mother to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, become a better parent, build a strong network of support for both mom and baby, make the home a safe place for the baby to live and play, get referrals for healthcare, childcare, job training, and other support services available in the community, as well as setting goals for the future.

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Parents as Teachers is a home visitation program offered to pregnant women and families with children 0-5 years of age.  All prospective parents and parents with a child to age 5 are eligible for the program.  The curriculum for each personal visit is individualized to meet the strengths and needs of each family with a focus on child development and parent interaction.  Parents can get free hearing, vision and developmental screenings for their children, books and activity kits, and receive assistance accessing appropriate resources. The program offers monthly group engagement classes in which child development or parenting information is provided.  Parents as Teachers is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program that has proven results for parents and children.

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Smooth Way Home provides home visiting services to families who are transitioning from the newborn intensive care unit back home to their community. Home visitors offer families developmental guidance in caring for their baby, emotional support, and help in accessing community resources. Services include: helping parents learn about child development (including what to expect and when to be concerned); providing emotional support for parents dealing with the trauma and stress of their child’s NICU stay (including screening and education of Perinatal Mood Disorders); and facilitating access to community resources. Families within Maricopa County, whose infant spent time in the NICU and would benefit from additional support are eligible for these services. Services are provided for infants under 8 months old adjusted age, and who are currently ineligible for the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP).


The Wonder Years is designed to help make parenting fun and rewarding. This program is a combination of a weekly parenting group where parents have the opportunities to learn new skills, discuss their challenges and how to overcome them in addition to a weekly in-home family coaching session.  Family coaching sessions are designed to take the weekly topics that are discussed in group and help parents understand how to implement the techniques and skills in their own family life and parenting style.  The sessions consist of observations, functional interviews to learn the parents’ perspectives on the challenges they are facing and implementation of new techniques and skills, all while building a healthy relationship with their children and learning to enjoy parenting.  Children ages 3-5 can attend the ‘Mighty Mights’ group offered at the same time as the parent’s class.